The 2024-25 FAFSA is live. Here's what you need to know.
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Get Started on Education and Training

There is an education and training pathway that will help you reach your goals without breaking your bank.

With hundreds of education and training programs across Vermont, you can find a program that you find fulfilling and fits your lifestyle and budget. You have options, and you can do this.

Search Education and Training Programs in Vermont

Most of Vermont’s high-ay, high-demand jobs require education or training after high school. These programs range from certificate programs to master’s degrees. Explore the collection of programs and narrow it down depending on your education and career goals. You can also sort programs by cost, how long they take to complete, if they’re online or in-person, and more.

Explore the education and training available in Vermont.

Discover Education and Training Pathways

From certificates to bachelor’s degrees, there are many options. Learn about all of your education and training options to see which one may fit best for you. 

Learn About Credentials

Did you know that credentials can build on each other? Or that employers prefer some credentials over others? Learn more about how you can plan your credentials and set yourself on a path to your career goals.

Stackable Credentials

Stack your credentials by choosing shorter, cheaper credentials. You will have all the training you need when you consider how various credentials can build off one another.

Industry Recognized Credentials

Industry Recognized Credentials are just that — credentials recognized by a certain industry. Make sure you are getting a valuable credential by pursuing one that you know employers are going to look for.

Consider How to Pay for Education and Training

Cost is a big part of thinking about starting an education and training program. While the sticker price of a program can feel too expensive, there are many ways to make your education and training more affordable. 

FAFSA is the first step toward unlocking free money (that’s right—free!) for many types of education and training.