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Discovering Vermont’s Most Promising Jobs

As you’re considering the next step on your career and education journey, you may find it helpful to start with getting to know the most promising jobs in Vermont. Every other year, this list of high-pay, high-demand jobs is published by the J. Warren & Lois McClure Foundation and the Vermont Department of Labor and updated on MyFutureVT. Here’s what you need to know about the latest data:

81,650 job openings

From teachers to computer systems administrators to carpenters, there  are 81,650 combined openings over the next 10 years in jobs that are considered to be both high-pay and in high-demand. Each will have at least 500 openings and pays above the state median wage of $22.55, adding up to a yearly salary of nearly $47,000 or more.  

Opportunities beyond the numbers

Having a job that pays well and has many employment opportunities is helpful all by itself, but there are other benefits too.

  • Financial security. When a job is high-pay, high-demand, you are more likely to have a stable and reliable source of income. This makes it easier to save money and plan ahead for the future.
  • Career growth. These jobs often have room for advancement and growth. This means that they usually provide opportunities for career development (gaining more skills and knowledge) and increased earning potential over time.
  • Job security. Jobs in high demand are less likely to be impacted negatively by changes in the economy. That means that you are more likely to feel secure and stable in your job during uncertain times.
  • Career happiness. All of these factors, combined with finding a position at a company that aligns with your values and skills, contributes to your overall happiness in your work.

Many options to learn

Most of the high-pay, high-demand jobs in Vermont require formal education beyond high school. This is because they require specific skills, knowledge, and training that can only be obtained through specialized learning.

But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of time or money on that training. You can be hired for nearly half of these jobs by earning a short-term credential (learn more about credentials). 

It’s easy to research these jobs on MyFutureVT

MyFutureVT makes it easy to explore high-pay, high-demand jobs and the education and training programs that can prepare you for them. Learn more about each job, what it pays, how many openings are expected in the next 10 years, what skills are needed, and the education programs in Vermont. 

There is a job that fits your interests 

You may be thinking, this sounds great but how do I find the right job for me? Here’s how:

  1. Discover your interests: Everyone wants to find a job that pays the bills and makes them happy. Take a short (and fun) quiz to pinpoint your strengths and interests. Be sure to write down your results.
  2. Explore the careers that match your interests: Check out MyFutureVT’s searchable career database. click “filters” button and select “interest.” Choose the interest area identified from your quiz results. Any job that says “high pay, high demand” is one of these promising jobs.
  3. Get the details: click “learn more about job” to see daily tasks, skills required, and more. 

Note: The Most Promising Jobs list is a product of the J. Warren & Lois McClure Foundation and the Vermont Department of Labor. You can view and order a brochure detailing these jobs and more here. Advance Vermont partners with both organizations to publish the data to MyFutureVT.