The 2024-25 FAFSA is live. Here's what you need to know.
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Navigator Toolkit

There is a wide and caring network of people who help students, workers, and community members along on their education and training journeys — we call them ‘navigators.’ It is vital that navigators are well-equipped with the resources necessary to promote supportive and ongoing conversation about the importance of education and training after high school. MyFutureVT is the state’s latest tool to support both navigators and the people they work with to find the next step on their education and career journey. Below is a collection of resources to help navigators use the site and get the word out about

Exploration Guides for Education & Careers

There are a number of ways to use this site. Users can visit one page that will help them with a task, or they can spend the time to explore, plan, and prepare for their next steps in their education and career journey. We’ve put together two guides to help you and the people you work with get the most out of this exploration process.

MyFutureVT Career Guide 
Try following this order of pages to learn about what careers are best for an individual. Then look for a job or an education program that can lead to this career.

Click here for a printable version.

MyFutureVT Education and Training Guide
Follow this series of pages to learn more about what someone is looking for in an education and training program. Then explore career options or consider enrolling in an education or training program.

Click here for a printable version.

5 Tips for Talking About Education and Training After High School

It is important to be prepared with the right framing and language about education and training after high school before having conversations with students, employees, or other community members. That’s why we created a messaging document to help. Review the five areas of focus to help promote thoughtful and empowering discussions and access the full document here

  1. Emphasize empowerment and choice to help ensure that someone is choosing a career and education pathway they are excited about and invested in.
  2. Focus on inclusive language by using terms like ‘credentials’ and ‘education and training after high school’ to include all credential types in the conversation.
  3. Consider the end goal as purpose and motivation for continuing education and training.
  4. Reinforce the variety of credentials because many Vermonters do not know the extent of their education and training options.
  5. Introduce stackable credentials to help imagine an education and training journey that is made up of smaller, more manageable commitments.

Newsletter Blurbs for Partners and Stakeholders

MyFutureVT is live and it is time to spread the word! We have compiled three different types of content to include on your website, in your newsletter, or in a different type of communication. 

  1. A blog post to explain what is, what it offers, and why a resource like this is important for Vermonters.
  2. A series of newsletter blurbs written for partners and stakeholders that range in length and detail.
  3. A series of newsletter blurbs written for prospective MyFutureVT users that range in length and detail.

Social Media Messaging and Graphics

Social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate with a large group of community members. Below are the toolkits we have available for you to use, including graphics and messaging.

Filing the FAFSA is the first step toward accessing money for education and training. Use our toolkit to encourage FAFSA completion! This toolkit includes graphics, social media messaging, and a sample blog post. Click to view and download

FAFSA= Free Money             FAFSA graphic

This MyFutureVT toolkit is for anyone to use. Click to access graphics and messaging.

If you want a high-pay high-demand job in Vermont graphic   If you're ready for more education graphic   If you want a fresh start graphic
If you want better jobs, better pay, better options graphic   If your future is calling graphic   If you need free career and education support graphic

Help get the word out about financial aid opportunities for education and training in Vermont! These graphics and sample posts can be used to promote, which houses a list of limited-time grants and scholarships.


Colorful Poster of Educational Pathways

This poster can be hung up in your office, a hallway, or even the door of a bathroom stall. The important thing is to put this in a high-traffic location to spark curiosity among your students, employees, or community members. Let’s be honest — not many people read posters, they look at posters. This fun and colorful visual helps to give someone a quick look at all the different postsecondary pathways available to them. It then directs them to MyFutureVT to learn more.