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Culinary Arts Program | Certificate

North Country Career Center


This is intended for high school students attending from within the district. College credits may be available as part of this program. Students from outside the district or adults who are not enrolled in high school can contact the center to apply for this program, as well.

The Culinary Arts program provides the student with hands-on learning in food service in a professional kitchen and restaurant setting. The Falcon Café is a student-run full-service restaurant that allows students to experience all aspects of the restaurant business. Students in Culinary Arts I learn to prepare baked goods, learn and practice cooking techniques, cook for the restaurant and engage in customer service.

Students start portfolios that document their work in the culinary program, explore food service careers and demonstrate employability skills. In Culinary Arts II, students will build on the acquired skills and take leadership roles. The students use the second year to explore the area of food service that most interests them. Students continue to expand their knowledge of food services, food preparation, demonstrate bakery production skills and gain a greater understanding of the hospitality industry.

This program includes the following credential(s): National Restaurant Association-ServSafe Food Handler Certificate & ACT National Career Readiness Certificate.

Cost For High School Students $0

  • For Adults $5,404

  • Cost information is approximate, please visit the program's website for the most up to date information available.

Financial Assistance

  • CTE funding sources

    For high school students attending from within the district, there is no cost to this program. For students from outside of the district and adults who are not enrolled in high school, local scholarships and other funding sources may be available. Follow the link and contact the CTE center for more information.

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