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Life Science | Bachelor’s Degree

Landmark College

Landmark College is for students with diagnosed learning disabilities, attention disorders, or autism.


Landmark College is for students with diagnosed learning disabilities, attention disorders, or autism.

This program includes learning areas related to ecology, organismal and sub-organismal biology, natural resource management, data-driven decision making, and a strong foundation to work in the public health sector. Students will engage in experiential opportunities to improve professional behaviors, collaboration, and develop and maintain large scale projects.

The B.S. in Life Science degree is an extension of the College's current A.S. in Life Science degree. Both degrees offer two tracks of study: life science and environmental biology.

Cost Total Cost $314,000

  • Tuition (yearly) $64,290

  • Housing & Meals (yearly) $14,310

  • Cost information is approximate, please visit the program's website for the most up to date information available.

Financial Assistance

  • Grants & Scholarships

    A variety of scholarships and financial aid options are available to students. Visit our website for information. Also, because Landmark College is exclusively for students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability, parents may be eligible for a medical tax deduction for tuition, fees, and additional costs like books, computers, transportation, and other education-related expenses. We recommend you consult with your tax advisor about these options.

    Vocational Rehabilitation
    Institutional Scholarship
    Private Scholarship
    Pell Grant
    Federal Grant
    Federal Work Study
    Military - General

  • Loans

    Many students and families utilize loans for related costs of their education. Loans offered by the Department of Education are awarded after grants and scholarship aid have been determined and require additional steps to secure. Students and families are also welcome to research and consider private loan options.

    Federal Unsubsidized Loan
    Parent PLUS Loan
    Private Loan

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  • Professional, scientific, and technical services
  • Educational services; state, local, and private