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Law | Bachelor’s Degree

Champlain College


If you have a passion for justice, problem-solving, and deep analysis, then Law may be the right program for you. Champlain's undergraduate Law major prepares students for law school or to directly enter the field and become an indispensable member of a legal team. At Champlain, we want students to be experiencing the nature of the major from day one. A Champlain education is focused on experiential learning—gain hands-on experience throughout the program. Students will research, write, and give presentations on challenging, complex areas of the most current civil and criminal legal issues that affect today's society—both domestically and globally. As an undergraduate, students will already be able to do what the professionals do—write briefs, analyze cases, and draw up complex documents—which will put you ahead in your career or in your graduate school applications. Students will also be able to customize your education with a minor; explore interests for personal enrichment and/or strengthen law career prospects by gaining experience in a certain field.

Cost Total Cost $242,600

  • Tuition (yearly) $43,800

  • Housing & Meals (yearly) $16,330

  • Fees (yearly) $520

  • Cost information is approximate, please visit the program's website for the most up to date information available.

Financial Assistance

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    Cost should never be a barrier to higher education. Don't let a lack of funds prevent you from achieving your goals: Champlain College is committed to helping you find ways to minimize your expenses with available grants and scholarships.

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  • Loans

    With a variety of options to reduce the cost of going to school and flexible ways to pay, you can expect more affordability and a high-quality education that won’t break the bank. Champlain College participates in the Federal Direct Loan program, which allows students to borrow federal funds to help meet educational costs. Loans must be used for educational expenses. Students are responsible for repaying the amount they borrow, with interest, upon program completion.

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