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Stafford Signature School of Cosmetology Training | License

Stafford Technical Center

This training is intended for adult students. High school students may be able to apply, as well.


This training is intended for adult students. High school students may be able to apply, as well.

This training focuses on the theory and fundamentals of hair cutting, color, texture, styling, and skin and nails. Students will learn the basics, then practice them hands-on in the safe environment of the classroom. Students will initially practice these skills on mannequin heads while receiving personalized critique and attention from the instructor who will guide you in becoming more comfortable and skilled in the techniques. Areas in Level 1 training include: theory essentials; microbiology; design composition; proper sanitation and disinfection practices for the field; professional communication skills needed for client consultations; braiding, up-styling, and finishing; perming and smoothing hair; hair coloring and lightening; precision haircutting skills; and manicure, pedicure, makeup and facials. Participants have the option to continue with additional trainings in cosmetology and esthetics at Stafford.

This training includes or prepares for the following credential(s): Vermont Cosmetology License.

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