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Wildlife & Forest Conservation | Bachelor’s Degree

Explore your passion for conservation and forests, wildlife, biodiversity, and soils in Vermont State University’s wildlife and forest conservation program. This program prepares you to be a policy maker, researcher, and change maker. As a student, you will take courses in biology, ecological science, and public policy, which will provide you with a strong foundation to analyze and manage these natural systems for long-term sustainability.

Statistics | Bachelor’s Degree

Learn the basics that will help you apply strong math skills to your personal interests in politics, healthcare, law, finance, engineering, and more. As a student in Vermont State University’s statistics program, you will gain hands-on experience collecting, organizing, and analyzing statistical information that will prepare you to make data-driven decisions in your career. The Bachelor of Science in Statistics will help you develop a valuable skill set for the careers of the present and the future.

Sport Management | Bachelor’s Degree

With a strong balance of theoretical, applied, and experiential learning, Vermont State develops well-rounded professionals prepared to do well in the industry of sport management. With small class sizes, faculty excited to help you excel, and at least 630 hours of hands-on learning, you will graduate ready to make your mark in this diverse field.

Sociology | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University’s sociology program provides you with hands-on learning about culture and society through community service, civic engagement, study abroad opportunities, and diversity, equity, and inclusiveness training. You will gain the tools to become an active global citizen and advance social justice. You will get to engage in the study of society and culture to understand how to make a change.

Graduates of this program are prepared to continue their education or start careers in human services, education, law, diversity management, governmental and international careers, research analysis, criminal justice, and much more.

Theater Arts | Bachelor’s Degree

This degree program is designed to showcase your talents and set you on a path to a successful career in the theater world. As a theater major, you will work on main stage plays, black box productions, musical theater, classic works, and original pieces. You will learn all about acting, directing, dance, stage management, running crew, lighting and sound design, video, and set construction. Our small classes allow you to work closely with our award-winning faculty on collaborative projects.

Psychological Science | Associate Degree

The associate and bachelor’s degree programs in psychology at Vermont State University are affordable, accessible, and flexible while offering the same type of curriculum as larger universities. You will get real-world experience through internships as well as research opportunities in our faculty’s psychology research labs. You can choose from many courses, tailoring your program to your interests while preparing for careers in mental health, education, health care, or business. You will have access to the full range of psychology courses across Vermont State University, regardless of your home campus.

Social Work | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University’s social work program provides you with the knowledge to start working right away upon graduation or go into a graduate Master of Social Work program. Through coursework and field placements, you will have the opportunity to help local agencies while learning how to provide services to individuals, families, groups, and organizations.

This program will give you the skills needed to make a real-world impact by helping people and communities. Many employers have hired graduates following their senior field placement or given them a strong recommendation for another position in the field.

Musical Theater | Bachelor’s Degree

This musical theater program develops more than just your on-stage skills: we also focus on what you need to know for a career in any part of the theater world. You will work one-on-one with a professor to develop your portfolio and secure internships. Our graduates are prepared for careers in a wide range of fields, from theater, television, and film to radio, education, and video production.

Nursing | Bachelor’s Degree

If you’re considering a career in nursing, this type of credential is quickly becoming a new minimum requirement for many nursing jobs. A bachelor’s degree in nursing helps you earn higher salaries, positions you for leadership roles and greater responsibility, and allows you to pursue graduate degrees.

As a student in this long-running nursing program, you’ll benefit from our faculty’s depth of experience, small class sizes, and more than 600 hours of clinical training. You will build strong clinical judgment and reasoning skills for direct patient care by working with patients directly.

Music | Bachelor’s Degree

This program will prepare you for a lifelong career as a musician. You will spend time in the classroom with small classes and expert teachers — as well as on stage, getting hands-on performance experience. Not only will you explore how melody, harmony, and rhythm come together to make a piece of music, but you will also compose and perform your own pieces on and off campus. You can write and direct your own shows, communicate with designers to create multimedia performances, and work alongside your talented peers to bring your work of art to life.