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Woodworking & Fine Furniture Design (BFA) | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University is one of the few schools in the country that offers degree programs in fine woodworking and design. Your Bachelor of Fine Arts in Woodworking & Fine Furniture Design will give you the skills, experience, and confidence to walk into any shop with a professional portfolio in hand, ready to create fine homes, furniture, and cabinetry — or start your own company. You will take most of your courses at the Vermont Woodworking School, a 15,000-square-foot, historic barn/modern woodworking and carpentry shop with dedicated bench space for students and state-of-the-art equipment.

Woodworking & Fine Furniture Design | Associate Degree

Take woodworking classes and earn your associate degree while you gain the skills you need to walk into any shop or job site with a professional portfolio in hand. This program prepares you to work in fine home construction, furniture and cabinetry workshops, or small businesses. You will take most of your courses at the Vermont Woodworking School in their 15,000-square-foot, historic barn which is now a modern woodworking facility with dedicated bench space for students and state-of-the-art equipment.

Wildlife & Forest Conservation | Bachelor’s Degree

Explore your passion for conservation and forests, wildlife, biodiversity, and soils in Vermont State University’s wildlife and forest conservation program. This program prepares you to be a policy maker, researcher, and change maker. As a student, you will take courses in biology, ecological science, and public policy, which will provide you with a strong foundation to analyze and manage these natural systems for long-term sustainability.

Statistics | Bachelor’s Degree

Learn the basics that will help you apply strong math skills to your personal interests in politics, healthcare, law, finance, engineering, and more. As a student in Vermont State University’s statistics program, you will gain hands-on experience collecting, organizing, and analyzing statistical information that will prepare you to make data-driven decisions in your career. The Bachelor of Science in Statistics will help you develop a valuable skill set for the careers of the present and the future.

Sociology | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University’s sociology program provides you with hands-on learning about culture and society through community service, civic engagement, study abroad opportunities, and diversity, equity, and inclusiveness training. You will gain the tools to become an active global citizen and advance social justice. You will get to engage in the study of society and culture to understand how to make a change.

Graduates of this program are prepared to continue their education or start careers in human services, education, law, diversity management, governmental and international careers, research analysis, criminal justice, and much more.

Psychological Science | Associate Degree

The associate and bachelor’s degree programs in psychology at Vermont State University are affordable, accessible, and flexible while offering the same type of curriculum as larger universities. You will get real-world experience through internships as well as research opportunities in our faculty’s psychology research labs. You can choose from many courses, tailoring your program to your interests while preparing for careers in mental health, education, health care, or business. You will have access to the full range of psychology courses across Vermont State University, regardless of your home campus.

Performance Arts & Technology | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Performance Arts and Technology will give you the opportunity to learn more than just what happens at the front of the stage. You will study traditional acting, music, immersive set design, humanities, and digital and audio storytelling to prepare for success in the world of professional theater and performing arts.

You won’t only graduate as a performer or a designer — you will also graduate as an artist ready to work on performances, installations, and modern gallery shows.

Nursing | Associate Degree

This degree program will prepare to take your Registered Nursing (RN) licensure exam in just one year. Vermont State’s associate in nursing program is the second year in our unique 1+1+2 track in nursing education. Students who enter this year of the program are already Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and are often working in nursing at the same time. This program allows you to earn a livable wage while working toward RN licensure and the many career opportunities that come with this next level of education.

Natural Science | Bachelor’s Degree

Explore the many parts of science as a framework for understanding the natural world, including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and environmental science. Students in this program can also pursue secondary education licensure to teach science at the high school level.

Political Science | Bachelor’s Degree

At Vermont State University, the political science degree program centers on the study of politics, government, power, law, public policies, and political behavior. Faculty focus on civic engagement to help you develop leadership skills and prepare you for a future career in political science fields.

The program is designed to meet the requirements for a variety of career paths. These include public service, business, nonprofit, law, secondary education licensure, and more. As a student, you design your course of study with personal help from an advisor, and we help you develop the tools to become a leader.