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Secondary Education | Master’s Degree

The Secondary Education (MA) programs provide innovative and specialized learning experiences through which graduate students are prepared to serve as English, Math, Science, or Social Studies teachers at the secondary level (Grades 7-12). A major emphasis of the program is understanding and engaging adolescent learners.

Successful completion of this program leads to a recommendation for an Initial Educator’s license with an endorsement in the participant’s chosen content area. Two practicum experiences and a full-time, full-semester internship are required.

Practical Nursing | Certificate

If you are new to the field of nursing and want to enter the workforce quickly, our Practical Nursing Certificate program is designed for you. This nursing education program will put you on track to earn a livable wage as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and prepare you to enter Vermont State’s associate degree in nursing program at the same time.

Middle Level Education | Master’s Degree

The Middle-Level Education Programs provide innovative and specialized learning experiences through which graduate students are prepared to serve as English, Math, Science, or Social Studies teachers in the middle grades (Grades 5-9). A major emphasis of the program is understanding and engaging young adolescent learners.

Counseling | Master’s Degree

Our Counseling program gives you experience in the theory and practice of mental health, substance use disorders, and school counseling. Our graduates demonstrate a strong grounding in the knowledge and skills of the counseling profession, as well as in person-centered and strength-based approaches. You will learn how to lead a culturally fluid practice in a diverse society and drive leadership, systems change, and advocacy in the profession, the community, and the larger society. Our flexible program lets you focus on an area of interest to tailor your studies to your career goals. 

Studio Arts (MFA) | Master’s Degree

A Master of Fine Arts from Vermont State University features studio work and immersion in a community of professional artists. Grow and master your artistic expression — and build meaningful relationships that will support your lifelong art practice. Our M.F.A. can be campus-based, low residency, remote, or any combination of the three. We give you the power to create the full strength of your vision and put your art at the center of your life.

Inclusive Childhood Education | Master’s degree

The Inclusive Childhood Education (MA) program (50 credits) prepares participants for research-based work as professional educators with children of all backgrounds and learning abilities. This is an innovative and rigorous academic program that prepares individuals to earn an Initial Educator license with endorsements in both Elementary Education (K-6) and Special Education (K-8) while pursuing a master’s degree in education. Courses are interdisciplinary, standards are coherently integrated throughout the curriculum, and participants are immersed in school and community experiences. A full-time, full-semester internship is required.

Construction 101 | Certification

Construction 101 prepares trainees for entry-level work in the construction trades. During this six-week course, participants earn the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 certification, National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) credentials, and receive job placement opportunities.

Each trainee has access to the necessary tools of the trade. Students practice being on a construction crew, working collaboratively with their fellow trainees. They work on construction projects as they would on an actual job site. Class time is split between hands-on learning, building projects, and classroom training.

This program includes or prepares for the following credential(s): National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core Craft.

Woodworking & Fine Furniture Design (BFA) | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University is one of the few schools in the country that offers degree programs in fine woodworking and design. Your Bachelor of Fine Arts in Woodworking & Fine Furniture Design will give you the skills, experience, and confidence to walk into any shop with a professional portfolio in hand, ready to create fine homes, furniture, and cabinetry — or start your own company. You will take most of your courses at the Vermont Woodworking School, a 15,000-square-foot, historic barn/modern woodworking and carpentry shop with dedicated bench space for students and state-of-the-art equipment.

Statistics | Bachelor’s Degree

Learn the basics that will help you apply strong math skills to your personal interests in politics, healthcare, law, finance, engineering, and more. As a student in Vermont State University’s statistics program, you will gain hands-on experience collecting, organizing, and analyzing statistical information that will prepare you to make data-driven decisions in your career. The Bachelor of Science in Statistics will help you develop a valuable skill set for the careers of the present and the future.

Wildlife & Forest Conservation | Bachelor’s Degree

Explore your passion for conservation and forests, wildlife, biodiversity, and soils in Vermont State University’s wildlife and forest conservation program. This program prepares you to be a policy maker, researcher, and change maker. As a student, you will take courses in biology, ecological science, and public policy, which will provide you with a strong foundation to analyze and manage these natural systems for long-term sustainability.