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3D Technology | Certificate

The 3D modeling, imaging, and printing revolution is transforming society and a variety of industries. Practical and creative applications of 3D technology are now found in art, science, food, education, healthcare, automotive, construction, and manufacturing sectors. Vermont State’s Certificate in 3D Technology prepares you to understand and explain the applications of 3D technology in a broad range of fields from anthropology to manufacturing, employ the principles and practices, and demonstrate technical competency with a range of 3D technologies.

Practical Nursing | Certificate

If you are new to the field of nursing and want to enter the workforce quickly, our Practical Nursing Certificate program is designed for you. This nursing education program will put you on track to earn a livable wage as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and prepare you to enter Vermont State’s associate degree in nursing program at the same time.

Veterinary Technology | Associate Degree

Turn your love of animals and their care into a career as a veterinary technician with an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Vermont State University. Veterinary technicians are the link between clients, their animals (from pets to livestock), and the veterinarian. You will start working hands-on with animals right away as you learn all you need to perform laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, and surgical care roles, as well as patient diagnosis and client education. All of your courses will be taught by veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians.

Statistics | Bachelor’s Degree

Learn the basics that will help you apply strong math skills to your personal interests in politics, healthcare, law, finance, engineering, and more. As a student in Vermont State University’s statistics program, you will gain hands-on experience collecting, organizing, and analyzing statistical information that will prepare you to make data-driven decisions in your career. The Bachelor of Science in Statistics will help you develop a valuable skill set for the careers of the present and the future.

Renewable Energy | Bachelor’s Degree

As a student in this program, you will gain real-world, hands-on experience in designing, building, and implementing renewable energy sources like solar, wind, water, and geothermal heat. The renewable energy degree prepares you to address climate change and do your part to bring clean energy to our communities. Graduates of our program are ideal candidates for jobs as solar installers, wind turbine technicians, sustainability specialists, and more.

Nursing | Associate Degree

This degree program will prepare to take your Registered Nursing (RN) licensure exam in just one year. Vermont State’s associate in nursing program is the second year in our unique 1+1+2 track in nursing education. Students who enter this year of the program are already Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and are often working in nursing at the same time. This program allows you to earn a livable wage while working toward RN licensure and the many career opportunities that come with this next level of education.

Landscape Contracting | Associate Degree

Gain hands-on experience with materials and methods of construction, site engineering, greenhouse and nursery environmental systems, integrated pest management, and industry-standard computer software. Learn how to efficiently run your own business and make connections with people in the field while you explore horticulture, landscape architecture, arboriculture, forestry, masonry, and more. You’ll also get on-site experience creating master plans for real-world residential and community projects through our local partnerships.

Mathematics | Bachelor’s Degree

Prepare to recognize and solve complex mathematical problems, then share your findings in one of Vermont State University’s mathematics programs. Our associate and bachelor’s mathematics degrees will teach you the skills needed for a career in business, science, and tech fields.

You can expand your education and pursue secondary education licensure, which will prepare you to teach math in public and private high schools.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology | Bachelor’s Degree

In this program, you will gain specialized skills in making manufacturing companies more innovative, competitive, and productive. The program offers real-world learning opportunities that will prepare you for a career in many industries, give you a firm foundation in mechanical engineering, and show you how to run systems and teams efficiently.

Vermont State’s manufacturing engineering technology graduates experience a 99% placement rate – meaning they have a job or continue their education within six months of graduating.

Mechanical Engineering Technology | Associate Degree

Mechanical engineering is a broad field which includes everything from heating and air conditioning design for commercial buildings, to medical devices or automotive design. An associate degree in mechanical engineering technology from Vermont State provides you with skills in design, manufacturing, engineering science, math, and physics, as well as hands-on experience. You will be prepared to be the needed link between the development engineer and the highly-skilled craftsperson manufacturing high-technology devices that power the nation and the world.