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Vulnerability Management | Graduate Certificate

Designed for individuals with the necessary background in networking, programming and operating systems, this certificate provides students with essential skills for managing, investigating, monitoring and protecting against cyber attacks.

Students taking the vulnerability management certificate program should be familiar with and comfortable using both Microsoft Windows and Linux command line and GUI based tools as well researching proper usage of the tools.

Teaching and Learning | Graduate Certificate

Norwich University’s Teaching and Learning Certificate program is designed to equip professionals who already have subject matter expertise within their academic discipline with the knowledge, skills, and credentials to teach at the postsecondary level or train in a corporate setting. Throughout the course of the program, you will examine the roles and responsibilities of teachers and students and acquire skills for effective teaching in both online and in-person settings. Key curriculum objectives include learning how to craft educational experiences for diverse learners, create effective assignments and classroom materials, and develop and sustain a vibrant learning community.

Studies In War and Peace | Bachelor’s Degree

War and peace can only be understood by appreciating the social forces that produce them. Why do people say they want peace while glorifying war? Does interdependence between countries like the United States and China make conflict more or less likely? How has warfare changed over time and across cultures, and what explains these changes? What is the relationship between war, peace, and justice? These are some of the questions Studies in War and Peace majors ask and try to answer.

Our program is focused, but also interdisciplinary. Majors take courses not only in history and political science, but also in English, economics, philosophy, modern languages, and sociology. Studies in War and Peace majors learn to think critically and analytically, challenging commonly held and widely accepted beliefs.

Organizational Leadership | Graduate Certificate

This two-course certificate explores strategic communication as a vital skill in today’s demanding, fast-paced workplaces. Topics include identifying personal leadership styles, tendencies and preferences as a professional, and how to assimilate and apply information. Students practice skills at work and report experiences through their Leadership Development Portfolio (LDP), as well as learn from peers in classroom discussions.

Nursing: Nurse Educator | Master’s Degree

The Nursing Education concentration prepares students to fulfill the Advanced Practice Role of the Nurse Educator for developing, delivering and evaluating curriculum, as well as providing direct care patient education across a variety of healthcare settings. During their program, students will engage in both a direct care practicum and a precepted teaching practicum in a classroom, clinical, skills laboratory or an education department in a patient care setting. Coursework in teaching and learning theory, engaging educational approaches, learning assessment, curriculum development, and contemporary teaching techniques ready students for implementing education in both academic and direct care settings.

Nursing: Nurse Practitioner | Master’s Degree

To complement our online Master of Science in Nursing, Norwich University offers three focused and dedicated nurse practitioner tracks to help you add expertise to your education to become the best nurse you can be. Specialize your career and enhance your practice in one of three focus areas: Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Physical Education | Bachelor’s Degree

Physical Education (PE) is for everyone. Become an expert on the human body as you learn effective teaching and curriculum planning in a rigorous, science-based program.

Highlights of your education at Norwich include attending PE conventions, presenting at PE conferences, outdoor canoeing field trips, and managing extremely rewarding Special Olympic events.

Physics | Bachelor’s Degree

Hallmarks of a Norwich education include experiential learning and leadership development. The Department of Physics therefore not only accentuates laboratory work but also insists upon peer collaboration throughout the curriculum. Physics majors, having the advantage of a 3-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, develop close working relationships with their faculty mentors culminating in original research conducted in a faculty laboratory. Physics majors regularly present the results of their research at regional and national conferences. Currently, the research interests of the faculty include particle physics, material science, astrophysics and geophysical fluid dynamics.

Political Science | Bachelor’s Degree

In pursuing a political science major, you’ll explore governance, leadership, and public policy through world-class faculty, research, and internships.

Procurement Management | Graduate Certificate

This two-course certificate explores the process of analyzing data and crafting plans in the growing field of procurement and contract management. Topics include planning and analysis prior to forming government contracts, as well as issues of contract formulation versus successful contract formulation. Through discussion and evaluation of sample contracts, you can gain the ability to properly craft plans to engage in public procurement and contracting.