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Woodworking & Fine Furniture Design (BFA) | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University is one of the few schools in the country that offers degree programs in fine woodworking and design. Your Bachelor of Fine Arts in Woodworking & Fine Furniture Design will give you the skills, experience, and confidence to walk into any shop with a professional portfolio in hand, ready to create fine homes, furniture, and cabinetry — or start your own company. You will take most of your courses at the Vermont Woodworking School, a 15,000-square-foot, historic barn/modern woodworking and carpentry shop with dedicated bench space for students and state-of-the-art equipment.

Resort & Hospitality Management | Bachelor’s Degree

The accelerated Bachelor of Science in Resort & Hospitality Management at Vermont State University allows you to graduate in three years and combines classroom learning with on-mountain experience at Killington-Pico Resort — the largest winter resort in the eastern United States. Our partnership with Killington resort guarantees that you’ll be fully immersed in the resort industry and well-connected with industry leaders by the time you graduate.

Radiologic Science | Associate Degree

Radiologic technologists use imaging technology to help identify what is happening in the bones, organs, tissues, and vessels of a patient’s body. By earning your Associate of Science in Radiologic Science at Vermont State University, you will gain the imaging skills to help identify life-threatening conditions and prevent disease.

Through coursework and hands-on experience in clinical settings, you will be introduced to general, fluoroscopic, trauma, orthopedic, and surgical imaging. You’ll also learn how to use effective non-verbal, oral, and written communication in patient care.

Program graduates may apply for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exam. Passing this exam opens the door to cross-training in CT, mammography, and more.

Social Work | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University’s social work program provides you with the knowledge to start working right away upon graduation or go into a graduate Master of Social Work program. Through coursework and field placements, you will have the opportunity to help local agencies while learning how to provide services to individuals, families, groups, and organizations.

This program will give you the skills needed to make a real-world impact by helping people and communities. Many employers have hired graduates following their senior field placement or given them a strong recommendation for another position in the field.

Psychological Science | Associate Degree

The associate and bachelor’s degree programs in psychology at Vermont State University are affordable, accessible, and flexible while offering the same type of curriculum as larger universities. You will get real-world experience through internships as well as research opportunities in our faculty’s psychology research labs. You can choose from many courses, tailoring your program to your interests while preparing for careers in mental health, education, health care, or business. You will have access to the full range of psychology courses across Vermont State University, regardless of your home campus.

Renewable Energy | Bachelor’s Degree

As a student in this program, you will gain real-world, hands-on experience in designing, building, and implementing renewable energy sources like solar, wind, water, and geothermal heat. The renewable energy degree prepares you to address climate change and do your part to bring clean energy to our communities. Graduates of our program are ideal candidates for jobs as solar installers, wind turbine technicians, sustainability specialists, and more.

Theater Arts | Bachelor’s Degree

This degree program is designed to showcase your talents and set you on a path to a successful career in the theater world. As a theater major, you will work on main stage plays, black box productions, musical theater, classic works, and original pieces. You will learn all about acting, directing, dance, stage management, running crew, lighting and sound design, video, and set construction. Our small classes allow you to work closely with our award-winning faculty on collaborative projects.

Respiratory Therapy | Associate Degree

Vermont State’s program will train you in the full spectrum of respiratory care: assessment, treatment, management, control, diagnostic evaluation, education, and care of patients with deficiencies in their cardiopulmonary systems.

Sociology | Bachelor’s Degree

Vermont State University’s sociology program provides you with hands-on learning about culture and society through community service, civic engagement, study abroad opportunities, and diversity, equity, and inclusiveness training. You will gain the tools to become an active global citizen and advance social justice. You will get to engage in the study of society and culture to understand how to make a change.

Graduates of this program are prepared to continue their education or start careers in human services, education, law, diversity management, governmental and international careers, research analysis, criminal justice, and much more.

Software Engineering | Associate Degree

Whether it be tap-to-pay at the grocery store, the operating system of your cell phone, or the media player you stream your favorite show on, our day-to-day lives use a wide range of software. An associate or bachelor’s degree in software engineering from Vermont State University will equip you with the theory and technical skills to work in any part of the software development life cycle.