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Conservation Program: Forestry | Certification

While improving the health of our forests, Corps Members build professional skills and gain experience toward careers in the Vermont forest products industry. After completing Game Of Logging training and certification, crews work with chainsaws and hand tools to complete projects including:

  • Invasive species removal: Corps Members use their hands, tools, and direct chemical application to control invasive species like buckthorn and barberry. These projects improve wildlife habitat and support biodiversity.
  • Reforestation & Erosion Control: Crews plant trees in deforested areas and install water bars (diagonal ridges or channels) for erosion control.
  • Tree felling: Crews operate chainsaws to thin trees and improve habitats, sustainably harvest timber, and remove trees that are hazardous to recreationists.

The estimated duration of this program is 12 to 26 weeks depending if you are on the advanced crew or the Americorps crew.

This program includes or prepares for the following credentials: Class A Sawyer certification, Class B Sawyer certification, Game of Logging Levels 1-2. Game of Logging Levels 3 & 4 are offered to returning crew members and year-round leaders.