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You deserve a career that pays you well, is fulfilling, and provides you the lifestyle you want.

Starting a new career can be scary. Take a small step by learning what it takes to land a high-pay, high-demand job in our state. Or explore different ways you can prepare for a new job before making a change. Everyone’s career path is winding, and it is never too late to take yours in a different direction.

Search Vermont’s High-Pay, High-Demand Jobs

Explore all of Vermont’s high-pay, high-demand careers. Each job is expected to pay at $22/hr or more and will have at least 220 openings by 2028. Narrow down the list of careers depending on your interests in and career goals.

Explore Vermont’s most promising careers.

Find A Job

Looking for a job? We’ve collected the most popular job boards in Vermont so you can search for your next job more easily.

You can also find helpful tips for your job application process about resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

Explore A Path

Starting a new job or career is a big step. So why not test it out first? Learn about some ways you can see if you will like a job before making any big decisions.

  • Informational Interviews: Ask a real person questions about their job.
  • Job shadows: Get an inside look at what your next job might look like.
  • Internships: A short-term work experience helps you explore a career and get real work experience.
  • Returnships: For people with many years of work experience who are looking for a new opportunity.
  • Entry Level Positions: Get experience and a paycheck without making a long-term commitment.

Discover Your Strengths and Interests

Understanding what you like and what you are good at is a first step toward finding a career that you will enjoy. There are many online tools that can help you understand yourself better by asking you fun, easy questions about different activities and parts of your personality.

Career Interest Profiler

Rate a number of activities on a scale of how much you enjoy them to learn what careers might be a good fit for you.

Personality Test

Learn about your personality, your strengths, and career paths that match with your personality type. Don’t worry, it’s not an actual test!