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It is brave to make a change in your life, like going to school or changing jobs. It can also be scary. Luckily, there are people, services, programs, and other resources that can help this all feel just a little bit easier. This section is meant to help you find what you need to take your next step in your life.

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Googling takes a long time. So we did it for you. There are so many programs and services across Vermont that are designed to help people get farther in your education and training or your career. It can just be hard to find them. Explore the programs, organizations, and resources based on who you are and what you need.

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How to Use MyFutureVT

There are a number of ways to use this site. You can visit one page that will help you with one task, or you can spend the time to explore, plan, and prepare for your next steps in your education and career journey. We’ve put together two guides to help you get the most out of this website. We want you to find this as helpful as possible.

MyFutureVT Career GuideĀ 

Try following this order of pages to learn about what careers are best for you. Then look for a job or an education program to get you there.

MyFutureVT Education and Training Guide

Follow this series of pages to learn more about what you are looking for in an education and training program. Then explore your career options or consider enrolling in an education or training program.