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You are today’s student. You’re working. You’re parenting. You’re not fresh out of high school. When you think of a college student or someone who is entering a new career, think of yourself. It’s not too late to invest in yourself and make a change. That could mean enrolling in an education or training program. Maybe it means starting a new career. You have bills, responsibilities, commitments — and there are supports to help you. Explore this page built just for adults and see what jumps out.

The Benefits of Continuing Your Education — Or Returning to It*

You deserve the life you want. Whether we like it or not, work is a big part of our lives. Maybe you don’t have a job or are looking for more work. Maybe your job doesn’t pay enough or you have to miss out on time with family and friends to pay the bills. Or maybe it just doesn’t make you happy.

All of Vermont’s high-demand, high-wage jobs pay over $22/hr and will have plenty of job openings in the future. They also all require education and training after high school. Try looking for educational programs that are offered online, on the weekends or at night, are faster and more affordable so they fit into your life. Finding the right education pathway will help you enter the job or career that meets your needs.

*If your next step is to get your high school diploma, check out these options.

Perk #1: You will qualify for more jobs that meet your needs. Completing an education and training program shows all employers how valuable you are to their team. This means that you have more choices when looking for a job, which allows you to take a job that is going to fit your lifestyle.

Perk #2: You will be able to earn more money in your job when you have more training. It can be very challenging to pay for education and training programs. No way around it. In the long term, though, you can make up to $1 million more in your lifetime if you continue your education after high school.

Perk #3: You will be taking a step toward your goals. You are important, and your goals are important. Don’t give up on the life you want, whatever it looks like.

It’s Never Too Late to Take A Turn

Nobody’s career and education journey happens on a straight line. No matter where you are in your journey, you can decide which direction you want to head in next. Take a look at all of the education options for people who are already working or on a career path.

Find Your Next Step

There are a number of programs and education pathways that are made specifically for adult who are taking your next steps. Some programs are focused on your education and training, and some are focused on your career. The resources listed below are the easiest first steps for anybody who is already in the workforce and wants to explore other education or career options.

Employer Sponsored Training

Continue your training while you are still working. Some employers will pay for you to complete and education or training credential to help you learn new skills that relate to your job.

Credit for Prior Learning

Adult learners can get college credit for the things you already know by taking a simple assessment. These credits can help jumpstart your college career by saving you time and money.

Discover Your Interests and Strengths

Answer some questions to learn what careers match with your personality and interests. This information can help you if you are thinking about making a change in your career.

Vermont’s Most Promising Careers

Check out all the careers in Vermont that will pay at least $22/hr and have lots of job openings in the future.

See If A Job Fits

Explore a new career by trying it out. Think about setting up an informational interview, job shadow, or looking for a short-term job in that field.

Supports Designed for You

It can be hard to ask for help. But no one is meant to make sense of their education and career options alone, especially when it comes to answering big questions. There are many services and programs around Vermont meant to help you balance work, education, family, and life. Find the supports that are the best fit for who you are and what you need.

  • Adults with a physical or intellectual disability

    Find the programs and supports that help you find what you need in a learning or work environment.

  • Adults who moved to the United States

    Access support that can help you improve your English language skills, find work, and earn college credit for training from your home country.

  • Adults with children or dependents

    Get help balancing your responsibilities as a parent and your education and career goals.

  • Adults who are veterans or active duty military

    Connect with the services and programs that can help you with G.I. benefits, earning credit for your experience in the service, and find other supports.

  • Adults who are over the age of 55

    Discover career programs specifically for older Vermonters who want or need to make a career change.