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MyFutureVT Career Guide

Your Career Journey

So you’re interested in exploring, starting, or changing a career. Congratulations! This is an exciting place to be. You likely have a lot of questions: How do you find the right career? How do you find a job in a new industry? How do you change your career track? There are many ways to use MyFutureVT. Below is a step-by-step process to answer these questions.

Step 1: Discover your interests

The goal is to find a career that pays the bills and makes you happy. Work is the most enjoyable when you can focus on tasks that are interesting to you. It is also important to feel confident in what is being asked of you. Visit MyNextMove to answer a series of questions about your interests.

Step 2: Identify your interests

After answering the questions, you will arrive at a results page that shows your interests in six different areas. Find the interest area with the highest score and write it down. You can click on any of the categories to learn more about them. These interest areas are also called “Holland Codes.”

Step 3: Explore careers that match your interests

Head over to our searchable career database. Click the Filters button and select Interests. Choose the interest area from your quiz results.

Step 4: Learn more about a few careers

You have now narrowed your search. Time to learn about these careers. Click Learn More About Job to see required skills, daily tasks, salary information, and more.

Next Steps:

Once you find some jobs that interest you:

  1. Investigate. There’s no rush to make this decision. You can test-drive your options through job shadows, informational interviews, internships, returnships, and part-time jobs. Visit See If A Job Fits to learn more.
  2. Prepare. All jobs require different kinds of preparation. Related education and training are listed on each career page in the career database.
  3. Take the leap. Visit Find A Job to see information on creating a resume or cover letter, preparing for an interview, or searching job boards.

Congratulations! You’re taking important steps toward finding a great new career. Proud of you.