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LGBTQ+ resources on and off campus

Students raise pride flag on Vermont State University’s Lyndon campus.

As you are navigating the next steps in your career and education journey, consider who is there to help you first during your exploration, and then at your destination. 

There are organizations and groups in Vermont that are focused on providing support for people who identify as LGBTQ+. Some of these organizations have specific programs to help you find your education and career path. While there are resources throughout Vermont that can help you regardless of your identity, you may find it helpful to have a support team that understands your unique needs and circumstances as an LGBTQ+-identifying person.

If you are considering going to college in Vermont, you may want to learn more about what LGBTQ+ resources and groups are available on campus before enrolling. Some Vermont colleges offer school-run LGBTQ+ support centers, some may have student-run clubs, and others may not offer any formalized community support.

Please note that the lists below are not intended to be an endorsement for safety of the services provided. You should use your judgment in whether or not you feel safe in seeking support from any of these groups or resources.

Career and education programs & scholarships for LGBTQ+ people in Vermont

  • Samara Scholarship. The Samara Fund provides scholarships for LGBTQ+ high school students who are going to a four-year college, a career or technical college, or a vocational program. The scholarships go to students who want to make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ people. The awards are usually between $750 and $1,000.
  • Queer Connect Scholarship. This scholarship is to high school seniors in Bennington or Rutland County who are planning to attend any postsecondary education program, including college, apprenticeship, or trade school. The award is $500 and is granted to one student each year.
  • Pride Center of Vermont. The Pride Center’s SafeSpace Anti-Violence Program is not a career or education program itself, but the advocates can talk to you about any concerns you may have about the safety of programs or resources in Vermont. They can help you find resources of all kinds that will be safe for you to use.
  • Vermont Works for Women. Vermont Works for Women is a nonprofit organization that is focused on career and skills training for women and gender-expansive people. They offer free one-on-one career support where they can help you with preparing for and finding a job. They also offer many different programs to provide opportunities for women and gender-expansive people to explore and train in traditionally male-dominated jobs.

Campus-based support for LGBTQ+ college students in Vermont

Please note that these services are for students who are enrolled in the indicated college unless otherwise noted.

  • Bennington College Queer Club. The Bennington College Queer Club is a support group and safe space for LGBTQ+ students on campus. They hold regular meetings, potlucks, dinners, and film screenings.
  • Include+ (also known as LGBTQQIAA) at Champlain College. Include+ is a student club at Champlain College that meets weekly to educate and explore different gender and sexual identities.
  • Landmark College Stonewall Center. The Stonewall Center at Landmark College is a school-run, staffed community center. The Stonewall Center provides LGBTQ+ students with support and advocacy. They also provide educational, social, and supportive programming.
  • NU Alliance at Norwich University. NU Alliance is a student-run club at Norwich University. Their stated goal is to represent the LGBTQ+ community on campus.
  • Saint Michael’s College GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance), Common Ground. Common Ground at Saint Michael’s College is a student-run club. Common Ground seeks to provide a safe space on campus for all LGBTQ+ students. The club meets weekly and also hosts events throughout the year.
  • Sterling College Pride. LGBTQIA+ Pride at Sterling College is a student-run social and educational group. The group provides space for people identifying as LGBTQIA+ to express themselves, and also receive support.
  • University of Vermont Prism Center. The University of Vermont Prism Center is a school-run service with two staff members. The Prism Center is focused on student empowerment, community building, and campus equity. The Prism Center has two student lounges, snacks, games, discounted printing, an LGBTQ+-focused library, and more.
  • Vermont State University
    • VTSU at Lyndon: NVUnity. NVUnity is a student-run club based at the former Northern Vermont University at Lyndon, now Vermont State University at Lyndon. Though the name may change, it is expected that the club will continue to be active as the school transitions. The club provides a LGBTQIA+ safe space and support for students.
    • VTSU at Johnson: NVUnity. NVUnity is a student-run club based at the former Northern Vermont University at Johnson, now Vermont State University at Johnson. Though the name may change, it is expected that the club will continue to be active as the school transitions. The club provides a LGBTQIA+ safe space and support for students.
    • VTSU at Castleton: Spectrum Pride. Spectrum Pride at VTSU Castleton is a student-run club that aims to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and promote acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. Spectrum Pride hosts campus events and plays games during their weekly meetings.

Other colleges or education providers not listed may also have dedicated support or student groups for people who are LGBTQ+. If campus-based support is important to you, consider contacting an admissions counselor at your chosen college to get more information. If reaching out by yourself does not feel safe to you, you can ask an organization like the Pride Center of Vermont for assistance. You can also ask a trusted friend or family member to contact the school on your behalf or anonymously.

Other LGBTQ+ support in Vermont

Support is available at organizations throughout Vermont that may be able to help you navigate questions or challenges that come up in your life. These organizations generally offer support through social initiatives or one-off events, but may not have specific programs for education or careers.

  • Outright Vermont is focused on supporting LGBTQ+ youth through their teens in Vermont. They host community events, camps, leadership and educational trainings, internships, and social/support groups throughout the state.
  • Rainbow Bridge Community Center is a home away from home for the LGBTQ+ community in Central Vermont. They offer an accessible space with computer and internet access, printing, gathering spaces, art supplies, snacks, an LGBTQ+-focused library, and events.
  • Out in the Open is a grassroots organization based in Windham County, Vermont and in Maine. They host events that bring the LGBTQ+ community together.
  • Queer Connect Bennington primarily hosts events in the Bennington area. Their mission is to increase LGBTQ+ visibility in the community and build up local resources.
  • Rutland County Pride is a nonprofit organization that hosts programs and events that support and build the LGBTQ+ community. They also provide advocacy and social support.

If you’re looking for other kinds of support, The Pride Center of Vermont maintains a robust collection of local and national resources for all kinds of circumstances and identities. 

If you’re looking for more education and career help in Vermont, click through to a searchable database of support services on MyFutureVT below!