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3D Technology | Certificate

The 3D modeling, imaging, and printing revolution is transforming society and a variety of industries. Practical and creative applications of 3D technology are now found in art, science, food, education, healthcare, automotive, construction, and manufacturing sectors. Vermont State’s Certificate in 3D Technology prepares you to understand and explain the applications of 3D technology in a broad range of fields from anthropology to manufacturing, employ the principles and practices, and demonstrate technical competency with a range of 3D technologies.

Cannabis Studies | Certificate

Vermont State’s Cannabis Studies Certificate Program is a 12-credit interdisciplinary program exploring cannabis — including its historical, cultural, economic, political, legal, medicinal, and spiritual dimensions. You’ll also learn about and participate in the cultivation of cannabis and the commercial development of the cannabis industry. In addition, the certificate program provides students with Cannabis Employee ID Card Compliance Training, required of all employees in the Vermont cannabis industry. The Cannabis Studies Certificate Program is your ticket to the cannabis industry, providing the education, experience, opportunity and certification to enter this growing field.

Athletic Training | Master’s Degree

Vermont State’s Master of Science in Athletic Training (MAT) will prepare you for the Board of Certification (BOC) examination in just two years. Build your knowledge and skills in this hands-on and interactive athletic training program. In this selective program, you’ll take part in extensive clinical experiences working with men’s and women’s varsity athletic teams and local colleges and high schools. In your medical facility rotation, you’ll be mentored by healthcare professionals at the Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic, Killington Medical Clinic, and the Castleton Community Health Center.

Educational Leadership | Master’s Degree

The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership is based on the philosophy that respected leaders engage in a constant process of self-examination and transformation. Leaders transform themselves by questioning their assumptions, acquiring skills and knowledge, enriching their understanding, developing their compassion and realizing their dreams. While doing so, they encourage their staff and students to develop their potential. Simultaneously, their schools undergo transformation as they realize and revisit their School Improvement Plans.

Students completing the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership will demonstrate their successful realization of specific learning outcomes in their respective leadership settings.

Educational Research | Master’s Degree

The Educational Research (Master of Science) program is a course of study designed to promote the use of action research to inform classroom practice and educate teachers about research methodologies to activate change in public education.

The program develops professional scholar-practitioners who are well-versed in current educational theory and practice. The Research Core Sequence includes an introduction to research methods, specific instruction in framing research questions, and qualitative and quantitative data collection and management. During the program, students acquire the skills to conduct classroom research. They collect and analyze data and present the results of their research. Faculty offer each candidate individualized support as they write their thesis.

Foundations of Education | Master’s Degree

The Foundations of Education (Master of Arts) program (36 credits) is intended for educators and individuals who are inspired to pursue pertinent professional questions, creative ideas, or novel projects through graduate study. The program emphasizes critical scholar-practitioner inquiry.

Instruction in the program emphasizes interdisciplinarity, personalization, critique, and application. Participants study social and educational theory and research to develop a broad understanding of educational practice, policy, and perspectives. Social, political, and economic arrangements are examined in the quest to achieve empathy and social justice for diverse and inclusive schools and communities.

Participants complete an interdisciplinary sequence in educational studies and a personalized concentration. For their self-designed concentration, participants may study professional topics related to their work such as instructional methods, curriculum development, content enrichment, cultural affirmation, program assessment, or leadership strategies. Teachers may design the concentration to add endorsements. Participants develop skills in applied inquiry through self-study, action research, phenomenology, critical analysis, and narrative reflection.

Practical Nursing | Certificate

If you are new to the field of nursing and want to enter the workforce quickly, our Practical Nursing Certificate program is designed for you. This nursing education program will put you on track to earn a livable wage as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and prepare you to enter Vermont State’s associate degree in nursing program at the same time.

Special Education | Master’s Degree

The program is based on a characteristics approach and focuses on students with both low- and high-incidence disabilities. The courses provide participants with theoretical, practical, and social justice models of current special education philosophy and practices. It emphasizes field-based practicum and internship experiences to provide opportunities for participants to implement their learning in authentic settings and to further solidify the connection between research and practice.

The program provides three pathways for the study of special education. The interdisciplinary option provides broad study in the field of education and special education while preparing participants to add the special education endorsement. Career-changing participants qualify for Initial Licensure and the Special Education endorsement by adding the licensure courses to the interdisciplinary option. The educational research option is for individuals who would like to learn to conduct educational research in special education with an original scholarly thesis.

Energy Works: Heat Pump Installation | Certification

Energy Works provides no-cost training opportunities for heat pump installation in just two weeks.

There is no experience required for training within Energy Works. Participants will receive a $500 stipend upon completion of the training. Individuals who enter the field following the training will receive an additional $500 after 60 days of employment. Training includes OSHA-10 and First Aid/CPR certification, EPA-608, job shadow opportunities, and four days of technical training conducted by industry leading instructors with years of experience.

Heat pump trainings are offered in Burlington, Hartford, Rutland, and Westminster. This program will be expanding to additional locations throughout Vermont. Please visit our website and/or contact Vermont Adult Learning for the most up-to-date offerings.

This program includes for prepares for the following credential(s): EPA Act 608 Safe Refrigerant Handling Certification.

Trailblazers | Certification

Trailblazers is a free trades training program preparing women and gender-expansive individuals ages 18+ for careers in construction and the renewable energy sector.

The seven-week-long pre-apprenticeship program provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for participants to build skills, gain confidence, and explore fields that tend to be male-dominated.

Throughout the program, participants get hands-on experience through field trips, community build projects, and a three-week paid onsite work experience with a local employer who has participated in our gender equity training.

This program includes or prepares for the following credential(s): National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core Craft.