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Diesel Power Technology | Associate Degree

Vermont Technical College


A student with an Associate of Applied Science in Diesel Power Technology will be able to: Understand the theory of operation, plus diagnostic service procedures, for diesel engines heavy-duty hydraulic and air brake systems; heavy-duty suspension and steering systems; heavy-duty electrical and electronic systems; heavy-duty drive train systems; advanced technology vehicles and equipment; heavy-duty transmissions; and heavy-duty heating and air-conditioning systems. Communicate effectively with customers and business relations. Exhibit the principles of professional conduct in all aspects of customer relations

Cost Total Cost $57,876

  • Tuition (yearly) $14,712

  • Housing & Meals (yearly) $12,044

  • Fees $2,400

  • Application Fee $55

  • Cost information is approximate, please visit the program's website for the most up to date information available.

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