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Theater Arts | Bachelor’s Degree

Castleton University


Students majoring in Theater Arts take the core Theater courses plus 12 credits of electives, and also select a concentration in Theater Studies (BA.THA.THS), Acting and Directing (BA.THA.ADD), or Technical Theater and Design (BA.THA.TTD).

All students graduating with a degree in Theater Arts should be able to:
1.Discuss and analyze productions in terms of thematic concerns, literary qualities, and artistic approaches.
2.Demonstrate a high degree of competency in one or more areas of theatrical production such as directing, design, performance, writing, stage management, or production management.
3.Utilize materials in appropriate manners to achieve desired effects and communication to an audience.
4.Incorporate input and ideas generated through the collaborative process of production into their own creative work.
5.Present their work for review in a professional manner consistent with their areas of concentration.

Cost Total Cost $97,624

  • Tuition (yearly) $11,000

  • Housing & Meals (yearly) $12,044

  • Fees $1,212

  • Application Fee $40

  • Cost information is approximate, please visit the program's website for the most up to date information available.

Financial Assistance

  • Grants & Scholarships

    Castleton University helps students access a number of Federal and State Grants: Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, State Grants for District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

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  • Loans

    Some of our options include Federal Subsidized Direct Loans, Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loans, and Federal Parent PLUS loans. To learn more about our loan options please visit our website.

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