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Nursing (RN to BS) | Bachelor’s Degree

Norwich University

This program is designed for nurses holding an unencumbered Registered Nurse (RN) license issued in the U.S. or in a jurisdiction that is an associate member of the National Council of States Boards of Nursing.


Norwich University’s RN to BS in Nursing degree completion program addresses the specific learning needs to deepen nursing knowledge, leadership skills, and evidence-based practice to better serve patients, the community, and your career.

Whether you want to enhance your skills, prepare for a master’s degree, or expand into a different healthcare field, Norwich’s online RN to BS in Nursing program can provide the necessary means to help improve skills in diagnosing and evaluating nursing interventions, and positively impact patient outcomes.

Cost Total Cost $24,150

  • Tuition (total) $22,500

  • Mixed Fees $1,500

  • Graduation Fee $150

  • Cost information is approximate, please visit the program's website for the most up to date information available.

Financial Assistance

  • Grants & Scholarships

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