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Practicum in Advanced Welding Practices Training | Certification

Stafford Technical Center

Students enrolling in this course must have successfully completed one or more of the following Stafford Technical Center welding courses: WELD-04: Introduction to Welding Processes; WELD-02: SMAW Welding Level I; or WELD-07: GMAW-FCAW Welding Level I. However, previous experience as a welder may be considered as a substitute for having completed one of these courses.


This training is intended for adult students. High school students may be able to apply, as well.

This course is intended to continue the education and training that was introduced in previous Stafford Welding School courses but at a more focused and advanced level of instruction. The instructor will meet with students to identify areas of interest in welding processes and then work with each student to achieve the personal goals and professional competencies in areas like oxy-fuel and plasma-arc cutting, shielded metal ark (STICK) welding in various positions, metal arc and flux core arc (MIG) welding processes, and gas tungsten arc (TIG) welding processes.

Please note: there are prerequisites for this training and students are expected to wear leather shoes or boots, a long sleeve shirt, and safety goggles.

Upon completion of this course and with instructor approval and additional cost, students may schedule a welder performance qualification test(s) for American Welding Society Certifications in GMAW Plate, FCAW Plate, or SMAW Plate.

Financial Assistance

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