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MyFutureVT Education and Training Guide

Your Education and Training Journey

So you’re thinking about post-high school education and training options. That is amazing. It can also be overwhelming! You might have questions like: what do you study, what kind of program do you enroll in, what type of credential should you earn. There is no “right” answer, you just have to figure out what is going to be the best fit for your lifestyle and goals. MyFutureVT can be used for many things. This page is built to help you go step-by-step to find the right education and training program for you.

Step 1: Identify your goals

Take a moment to ask yourself two questions.

  1. What kind of training or credential do you need to move closer to your target career?
  2. How can an an education or training program best fit into your life?

There are no right or wrong answers because everyone is different. Your focus might be on leading you into a promising career, or taking you closer to your career goals. Maybe your focus is more about fitting a program into your schedule and lifestyle.

Hold on!

Head on over to our Careers Guide if you are focused on finding a promising career. This will help you find an education and training program that is matched to a career you are interested in. Complete steps 1-4, and then follow the ‘Prepare’ option when you reach your next steps. Good luck!

Keep following the steps below if you answered the questions by focusing on things like schedule, cost, or length of program.

Step 2: Learn about education and training pathways

Learn about your education and training options on our Education and Training Pathways page. This will be helpful to understand how long different programs last, how and where you will learn, and what level of training you will get.

Step 3: Learn about different types of credentials

Visit our Learn About Credentials page to explore different types of credentials. This can be especially helpful for anyone who is not interested in going to college. Four year degrees are not the only type of education you can earn. You can earn a few shorter, cheaper credentials that work together. Or you can earn an credential that employers think is especially valuable.

Step 4: Try to not get overwhelmed by cost

Education and training after high school can be expensive. That is a fact. There might be a way around it, though. Read through our Pay for Programs page to understand all the different ways to make your education journey cheaper. Think and talk through all of your options before deciding your education and training is too expensive to pursue it.

Step 5: Explore education and training programs in Vermont

Head over to our collection of Education and Training Programs in Vermont. Find the button that says Filter and select the filter options that relate to how you answered the two questions from Step 1. Try out different combinations of filters until you have a group of programs that could work for you.

Step 6: Learn more about a few programs

Now you have a few programs that you are interested in. Time to learn more! Click Learn More About Program to find out information like how long is it, how much does it cost, and more about the focus of the program. Also see what jobs and industries it can lead you to. Read through these details for all of the programs that interest you.

Next Steps: What to do now?

Hopefully you’ve found one or more programs that interests you. Click the Visit Program Website to take a next step.

Investigate. Just learn some more! We collected all the information we thought you would be interested in. There’s even more to learn about each program on the school’s website. See if it still feels like a good fit after learning more.

Prepare. You might be feeling overwhelmed by the sticker price of the programs you are interested in. That makes total sense. Remember that the price shown on our website or the school’s website is the cost before any financial aid. Talk to a financial aid advisor to make it feel less scary.

Take the leap. Click the Visit Program Website button for any program to schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor or apply to the program!

Amazing work. You hung in there through a lot of steps. Hopefully you feel a little more ready to start or continue your education and training.