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Finding your high pay, high demand career in 2024 

When searching for a career, a great place to start is by looking at what jobs are most needed in Vermont. High pay, high demand jobs pay a median hourly wage of at least $22.50 and will have at least 500 openings in the next 10 years.

An important next step is to think about your skills and preferences. What kind of worker are you? Do you like to be around other people? Are you analytical and like working with numbers? Do you consider your creativity to be one of your strengths? Would you rather be part of a hands-on project or are you drawn to big ideas? You can take this quiz to learn more about your strengths.

If you would describe yourself as a logical problem solver…

You may find a great fit as a registered nurse. Registered nurses make about $36 an hour in Vermont. There are 4,460 projected job openings in the next 10 years. Nurses care for and assess patients that need medical attention — so it is a great option for people who like puzzles or solving problems. This profession requires a bachelor’s degree, which Vermont State University and the University of Vermont both offer. Community College of Vermont offers an Allied Health Preparation certificate that students can stack with courses from another institution to receive a nursing degree.

Becoming a licensed practical nurse is another nursing option. Students first complete either a year of full time education or three years of part time education before taking an exam to  receive your license. Generally, programs require a high school diploma or GED. Licensed practical nurses are able to enter the workforce sooner than registered nurses and administer care to patients, but are not as involved in planning for and assessing the patients. There are 900 projected job openings for this career with a median wage of $28 per hour in Vermont. Adult and high school students can also work towards becoming a licensed nurse assistant at several technical education centers

Consider becoming a computer support specialist. There will be about 1,200 job openings over the next 10 years in Vermont. These workers make a median hourly wage of $29. Computer support specialists assist clients with technological problems and questions. This can take place both in-person and remotely. The Community College of Vermont offers a year long full time certificate program. The certificate can also be completed as a part time program in a year and a half.

If you enjoy communicating with people and are a creative worker…

Teachers are always in high demand. From special educators to classroom teachers to tech ed, there will be around 7,850 available jobs in the next 10 years. The median yearly salary for teachers is $60,986 in Vermont. All teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Visit our education database to learn about the many programs offered in Vermont. 

There are 1,880 projected job openings for fitness trainers in Vermont. The minimum level of education required is high school plus some training, although both the University of Vermont and Vermont State University also offer relevant bachelor degrees in this field. Fitness trainers lead their clients through exercise techniques and classes, while making a median wage of $28 an hour. 

There is a need for 540 graphic designers within the next 10 years. These workers create images that visually communicate the goals of their company or customers. The median wage is $23 an hour and there are many institutions in Vermont that offer certifications in graphic design.

If you like hands-on projects…

Chefs and head cooks are in demand with 1,630 job openings in the next 10 years. This position may include cooking on the line, recordkeeping, ordering ingredients, and planning and pricing menus. The median hourly wage for this role is $23 in Vermont. It is standard for chefs and head cooks to hold a certificate from a culinary arts program. Green Mountain Technology & Career Center, North Country Career Center, Randolph Technical Career Center, River Bend Career & Technical Center, and River Valley Technical Center offer programs that either include a certificate or prepare students to receive future credentials. These programs are intended for high school students within the district of each center. Adults can contact the center if interested.   

Consider a career as an electrical and telecom line installer. These workers install and maintain the power lines that keep our cities running and make a median wage of $43 an hour. It is expected that 590 jobs will need to be filled in Vermont. To enter this line of work, you must first complete an apprenticeship. Central Vermont Career Center offers an Electrical Technology program for high school students in the district, which offers 300 hours toward a Level 1 Electrical Apprenticeship. Adults can also contact the center to apply. You can find a list of Registered Apprenticeship sponsors here

Carpenters make about $23 dollars an hour and are high in demand, with 4,460 available jobs over the next 10 years. This profession requires training after high school, and there are five trade schools in the state that offer relevant certifications. Carpenters create and repair a wide range of structures. There are many opportunities within the field, from home repairs to building frames to specialty projects. North Country Career Center, Randolph Technical Career Center, and River Valley Technical Center each have a carpentry program while Green Mountain Technology & Career Center offers a course in construction technology and in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These programs are daytime courses that offer high school students the chance to earn or work towards earning a credential. Adults can contact the center if interested in participating. 

If you’re comfortable working with numbers and information… 

There are 5,320 estimated job openings for bookkeepers/accounting clerks. Bookkeepers usually maintain records, perform calculations, and research data. Some college is required. The Community College of Vermont offers both a registered apprenticeship and a certificate program

Postal service careers are expected to have 1,010 job openings within the next 10 years in Vermont. There are many types of jobs within this industry. All pay a median hourly wage of $24-25. For example, you could be a clerk and work at the post office assisting customers and receiving mail to be sent out. You could also sort and process mail, which can include handling both the mail and post office machinery. Or, you could be in charge of delivering mail as a mail carrier. All three positions require training after high school, often offered by the employer. 

For those who enjoy research, there will be 1,410 job openings in market research in Vermont. Market research analysts investigate conditions and trends in the current market and may develop plans to help businesses sell their products. These analysts are paid about $29 an hour and hold a bachelor’s degree. Champlain College offers a hands on bachelor’s degree in marketing that allows students to work with real clients and gain professional experience during their time in college

Deciding on a career can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling confused or want to learn about more opportunities that may be right for you, check out our step by step guide for exploring a career path.  

To learn more about the most in demand jobs in 2024, visit MyFutureVT’s database of the top 500 careers in Vermont here.